- making accurate and groovy sound/noise.

Using groovit's controls.
  Whereas most groovit's controls are intuitive (buttons are buttons, aren't they ?) it is important to learn tu use efficiently the triggers :
  By left-clicking anywhere on a trigger, it instantaneously jumps to the designed position. It also gets focused and switches to an highlighted colour (blue ?).
  When it is focused a trigger can receive keypress, here's the list of the features :
1 to 9
jumps to positions regurlarly spaced from minimum (0), to maximum (9). Those position fit to the mouse "clickable" positions.
+ or -
Those keys increment or decrement very slowly the trigger's position. Usually no no change can be seen on the screen, but the trigger really has an intermediate position.
The trigger jumps to the maximal position. This is usually equivalent to 9.
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