- making accurate and groovy sound/noise.

Rawing the output to disk.
  Groovit can write to the disk its music output into a ".wav" file while you're "grooviing". You just need to tell where to write on the disk prior to start :
  Click into the menu button in the top left of the screen, and select define raw.
  You then have the common file selector to choose your file name pattern.
  The word pattern here is important because you just have set a family of files. Groovit will create a new file member each time you start rawing to disk with the R key, or the Raw button.
  For example if you choose myfile.wav or myfile, groovit will first create myfile000.wav then myfile001.wav and so on...
  NOTE : groovit always create one file more than you think because it anticipate the pressing of the button by creating immediatly the next file that would be used.
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